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Region Ten
 Navy-Marine Corps
Military Auxiliary Radio System
  updated 04 MAR 2014

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Operational Admin & Other
  • Propagation & Atmospherics
  • Qualifications See "Training and Quals" below
  • Repeaters & VHF Ops
  • Software
  • Time Zones - Bureau of Standards
  • Training & Quals
  • Traffic Routing, see "Nets, winlink..." above
  • VHF see "repeaters..." above
  • WinLink info
  • Library
  • Membership in Region 10
  • MRS & MDS Operators, a Tribute to
  • NOAA Weather
  • Other Sites of Interest
  • Region Ten Conferences: see Library
  • Rosters
  • Services we Serve
  • Silent Keys
  • Staff of Region 10
  • States in Region 10
  • Viruses, scams, etc.
  • Quick Links

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    ECOM Plan
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    MARS Day Out, see "Library" below
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    AS0 Four's page | ECOM Training - Region Ten  | Message Samples
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    Training Plan Region 10

    AS0 Four's page Most recent training tips |  MixW Training   |   NCS Training   |   NCS Voice SOP Guide
    New Members Basic Training Guide.  |


    Repeater Sites Map   |   Beverley Site    |  Mt Ashland & Elk sites    |  Portland Site    | 
    Tiger Mt repeater has moved to Cultus Mt, no current pictures available

    Files and links to current, recent, and historical info; Region Conferences,
    Staff Meeting notes; MARS Days Out; and, more

    questions or comments, send an e-mail to, NNN0AS0 Five